Updating maps for garmin nuvi

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Updating maps for garmin nuvi

You can check this by clicking the 'cog' icon, top right hand side of the Garmin Express window and clicking on the link in the 'About Garmin Express' panel. Sometimes it has trouble recognising the devices that are connected to it.

In these cases, even though your device comes with lifetime maps, no matter how many times you connect your sat-nav to Garmin Express it informs you that can purchase a map update.

When finished, the application will display "Your maps are now up to date!

Garmin have made a number of changes to their map update procedures in the last year.

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Updating maps on a nuvi is a somewhat convoluted process and may require a significant time investment, depending on how much data is being updated. Click "Continue" and wait for the screen to prompt you with "Ready to update your maps." If insufficient space exists to update the map, you will be presented with the option to remove pictures or music from your device or to insert a micro SD or SD memory card into the nuvi and load the map set onto it. Click "Continue" when "Ready to update your maps" is displayed and click "OK" to begin installation.

If all goes to plan, not only will the latest maps for your sat-nav be installed but also the latest device software, Bluetooth updates, voice updates and so on. Register your sat-nav by entering your email address when requested to do so. I recommend that you only use Express if you have a good and reliable broadband connection as some of the maps files are very large and take several hours to download from Garmin. During the update procedure and depending on your device, you may be asked to disconnent your sat-nav from your PC and reboot it (turning it back on).

The benefit is that we completely remove the hassle and aggravation for you - you send us in your sat-nav with old maps and 48 hours later we return it to you, updated with the latest maps.

Currently, all Tom Tom map updates are done through either My Tom Tom or Tom Tom Home.

The devices can only accept class 4 SD cards up to 2 GB.

The European maps are now over 2 GB which means you have to split the maps between the sat-nav and 2 GB card.

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