Romi klinger dating a man

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Romi klinger dating a man

At the last Gay Pride, someone said about me, “Why is at Gay Pride? I think at the time, I needed to quit because I was self-medicating and that was a problem. This past year, I started to drink casually with my husband and my family but not in clubs. But I do enjoy drinking with my friends and family.

That’s why I’ve been with women for most of my life. And it’s hard to come out to your lesbian circle that you like a guy, just as it is for someone to come out as gay to their straight friends. When I had the camera on me and I was blacking out, it hit me in the middle of all this—and I thought, “I’m not going to do this with the camera on me.” So, I told the producers that I wasn’t going to drink anymore.

Tracy Ryerson parlayed her fame into an acting career; Whitney Mixter continues to book personal appearances and will be featured on the upcoming season of VH1’s “Couples Therapy” along with her wife, Sada Bettencourt. We’re not necessarily in the same place in our lives, and we don’t have the friendship we had before, because Whitney and I are not friends.

Meanwhile, Romi Klinger is still catching hate for marrying a guy. But [the show] put all of it out there in the most chopped-up way. Most people don’t know that Sada was my best friend. But I respect the fact that she is Sada’s wife, and I respect their marriage.

If I’m that bad, then why are all these people still in my life? I’m clearly comfortable being on camera, but over the past few years, I have lost a lot of my privacy. Because they kept that up, there’s a part of themselves that nobody is going to know.

Whether they’re lying or bullshitting or giving the audience the personality they want to see, I’ve got to give them credit.

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