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Therefore, in entering into this Agreement, Franchisee fully understands and agrees that this Agreement is conditioned upon the continued strict adherence by Franchisee to all standards, policies, procedures and requirements published or which may from time to time be published or otherwise brought to Franchisee’s attention by the Company for the operation, maintenance or improvement of “ El Pollo Loco” restaurants under the El Pollo Loco System and the El Pollo Loco Marks.

Franchisee understands and agrees that strict adherence to these standards, policies, procedures and requirements is essential to the value of the El Pollo Loco System and the El Pollo Loco Marks.

Franchisee shall display at the Restaurant, in such locations as may be specified by the Company and in all correspondence and forms, a notification that the Restaurant is operated by an independent operator and not by the Company.

2.7 Franchisee shall not develop, create, generate, own, license, lease or use in any manner any computer medium or electronic medium (including, without limitation, any Internet home page, e-mail address, website, domain name, bulletin board, newsgroup or other Internet-related medium) which in any way uses or displays, in whole or in part, the El Pollo Loco Marks, or any of them, or any words, symbols or terms confusingly similar thereto without Franchisor’s express written consent, and then only in such manner and in accordance with such procedures, policies, standards and specifications as Franchisor may establish from time to time.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Company may require Franchisee to discontinue the preparation, offer or sale of any product or item which, in the opinion of the Company or any of its representatives, does not conform to the quality standards or image of the Company and its products.

2.3 Nothing contained herein shall give Franchisee any right, title or interest in or to any of the El Pollo Loco Marks excepting only the privilege and license, during the term hereof, to display and use the same according to the foregoing limitations.

1.4 It is expressly understood and agreed by the parties that Franchisee is and shall be an independent contractor, that Franchisee is not for any purpose an employee or agent of the Company, and that all of the personnel employed by Franchisee at the Restaurant will be employees or agents of Franchisee as an independent contractor and will not be employees or agents of the Company.

2.2 Nothing contained herein shall be construed as authorizing or permitting Franchisee to use the El Pollo Loco Marks or the El Pollo Loco System at any location other than the Location or for any purpose or in any manner other than that authorized herein; or in connection with the sale of any products for resale, or any products not required or approved by the Company, or any products prepared at any place other than at the Location; provided, however, that catering and special event sales may be undertaken by Franchisee in strict adherence with the limitations and procedures set forth in the Manual. The Company has a distinctive plan for the operation of retail outlets for the sale of flame-broiled food items and related products, which plan includes but is not limited to the El Pollo Loco Marks and the Operations Manual (the “ Manual”), policies, standards, procedures, employee uniforms, signs, menu boards and related items, and the reputation and goodwill of the Company’s chain of restaurants (collectively, the “ El Pollo Loco System”). The Company operates and franchises others to operate a number of retail outlets for the sale of flame-broiled food items and related products, in connection with the “ El Pollo Loco” name and the Company’s distinctive plan of food service operation. Franchisee desires to operate a restaurant under the Company’s name and to utilize the Company’s plan of food service operation, all in accordance with the terms, covenants and conditions of this Agreement. Franchisee understands that the success of the business contemplated by this Agreement is subject to substantial risks and depends in large part on the business ability of Franchisee and its active participation in the development and management of the franchise business. The Company owns certain proprietary and other property rights and interests in and to the “ El Pollo Loco” trademark and service mark, and such other trademarks, service marks, logo types, insignias, trade dress designs and commercial symbols as Company may from time to time authorize or direct Franchisee to use in connection with the operation of a “ El Pollo Loco” Restaurant (the “ El Pollo Loco Marks”).Franchisee shall use signs and other advertising which denote that the Restaurant is named “ El Pollo Loco” and which are approved by the Company in advance.If Franchisee is an Entity (as defined below), the name of such corporation shall not contain any of the El Pollo Loco Marks.

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