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It is popular for its beaches, and sports ranging from bicycling and fishing to surfing.Just 50km away is the Valdes Peninsula Nature Reserve, a UNESCO heritage site.The capital of the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, it was first settled by British missionaries.During the first half of the 20th C the major building of the city was a prison, built by the Argentinian government for repeat offenders and serious criminals, as the subpolar oceanic climate made escape difficult.It is a dark, rocky island (as can be seen when not covered by ice) jutting out of Errera Channel between Arctowski Peninsula and the northern part of Rongé Island, off the west coast of Graham Land.The island is a 2 km by 2.5 km dome covered by a permanent ice cap, up to 250m high, and glaciers.

It is located on the isle of East Falkland, on a north-facing slope, south of Stanley Harbour, in one of the wettest parts of the islands.

Visitors may spot old chains from past whaling days.

Elephant Island is an ice-covered, mountainous island off the coast of Antarctica in the outer reaches of the South Shetland Islands in the Southern Ocean.

While the island doesn’t support any significant flora or native fauna, migratory gentoo penguins and seals may be found on its shores, and chinstrap penguins nest there in season.

Travellers who are eager to experience nature in its most raw state, and see parts of the planet completely unaffected by humans, will definitely not be disappointed.

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Information panels document the shipwrecks that surround Port Stanley.

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